Can car tyres be recycled?

How are tires recycled?

Because of the mix of chemicals used in tires, they can be difficult to recycle. Heavy road use can also make tires harder to recycle because oil and other substances can contaminate rubber.

End-of-life tires can be decomposed and granulated to ensure that a variety of materials can be seen. After that, the tire rubber can be recycled in several ways. Tyres can be used for retreading (for example, to retool an old tyre) or mulched and for new products.

Recycled tires can also be used for fuel. Tyres are turned into oil by pyrolysis, a process of thermal decomposition at very high temperatures that is commonly sold for use in heating furnaces.

Used tires can also be used for other purposes that do not involve a mechanical recycling process. Tyres are used as bumpers for track racing and go-kart tracks.

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Crumb Rubber

Crumb Rubber is rubber from a tire that has been reduced to a fine degree. At this point, it can be recombined to be used in many different ways. You may be familiar with recycled tires being used for playground floors or running tracks because they provide a soft and hard-wearing surface, meaning children can’t get hurt when they use them. Rubber can also be reassembled into carpet substrates or insulation, and can even be turned into asphalt for road surfaces and speed bumps.

Smaller products can also be made from crumb rubber, such as waterproof backpacks, mouse MATS, door MATS and even belts. These small items are profitable and environmentally friendly, making them an ideal way to recycle rubber.

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