Can You Make Money Shredding Tires

Although recycled tires have many uses, thousands of garages do not make full use of their waste, especially tires. Old tires not only take up space in factories or garages, but also pose a fire hazard.

If they are shredded and reused in many different ways, from playground surfaces and lightweight building fillings to road paving and landscape mulch. The potential business opportunities are huge, and the rewards are huge. By selling your shredded tires, you will be able to earn some income and do your part for the environment by recycling your old tires.

Where to sell your tire shreds

  • Civil Engineering Projects and Construction Backfill
  • Shoe Manufacturers
  • Rubber flooring designers
  • Athletic field suppliers
  • Asphalt laying terms
  • Sustainable landscaping outlets

It is easy to use these shredders and make money from them, because shredded tires are in demand. All you need to do is supply tires, a tire crusher and a customer who buys the rubber you crush. Tire shredders are necessary for domestic and commercial use. Owning a tire crusher will help free up space and find a parallel way to reuse your old tires.

How to get old tires

Before you can shred a tire, you need to first find the tire to shred. There are two ways to do this. The easiest way is if you happen to work in the auto industry, because you have to change the tires at some point, but you also have to keep them around until you have enough money to dispose of them properly. Another way to get tires is to stay in touch with any business that has them. Talk to the owner and arrange to have their tires treated for less than other treatment services cost, and you can even offer to have their tires treated for free.

Instead of simply disposing of tires, you can use a tire shredder to make a profit, which can not only generate revenue but also save the environment.

Tyre shredding process

When choosing a tire shredder, of course, you need to have enough strength to break down the rubber. Tyres should be crushed into crumbs or shards, as this will make them easier to resell. The shredding machine works by rotating the tool on a single shaft or two shafts to reduce the size of the tire, so that its volume is greatly reduced, becoming a pile of rubber tire debris. This also makes storage easier, as the crumbs can be bagged after crushing, but more importantly it is the material that buyers in the market demand.

What could tyres be recycled into?

  • Rubberized concrete for roads – roads with rubber crack 90% less than roads made with normal concrete. Typically lasting 60 – 90 years
  • Alternative fuel to coal and oil – cement companies can burn rubber as part of the cement making process or for boiler fuels. Much cleaner burning than oil and coal
  • Projects within the civil engineering and construction industry
  • Shoes, bags, belts, furniture, flooring
  • Asphalt laying – roads, playgrounds, athletic fields and tracks

What other benefits of tire recycling

As a business, you should not only ensure that you reinvest income back into the business for more revenue, but your moral compass should be vigilant, which means at least ensuring that your carbon footprint is neutral, if not positive. By recycling old tires for proper disposal, your business will prevent them from ending up in landfills with public health risks and any pollution to the environment.

As mentioned earlier, there is also more room for the tires once they are shredded in your factory. This means more space for your manufacturing business.

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