Rubber Powder Recycling Plant Price

With the development of automobile industry and transportation industry in the world, a large number of waste tires are discarded every year, which leads to serious environmental pollution. But on the other hand, used tires are a potential resource that, if properly handled, can bring benefits to people. Based on this idea, Harvest Machinery has developed a rubber powder production line designed to dispose of waste tyres and rubber in a green and profitable way.

Tire Recycling Plant For Rubber Powder Making

Applications of tyre rubber powder

The entire rubber powder production equipment can effectively crush the entire tire into 30 to 200 mesh size of small rubber particles. The rubber powder extracted from waste tires can be reprocessed and is widely used in many fields.

  • After desulfurization, the rubber powder will be recycled into rubber sheet material, which can be used in manufacturing machine cushion, roadbed cushion, cushion cushion, various washers, mudguard, sound-absorbing material and so on.
  • Rubber granules can be used to make colored elastic floor tiles laid in sports venues to ensure the safety of the elderly and children. It has the following advantages: anti-skid, shock absorption, wear resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, water resistance, non-toxic, long service life.
  • Rubber powder can be reprocessed for modified asphalt pavement.
  • It can also be used to build plastic sports fields, running tracks and artificial turf.
  • Can be used to make a variety of soles.

The main machines in the production line

1. Tyre De-beader
Tyre de-beader is optional equipment in PLC tire recovery production line. It is very necessary for large tires, such as OTR tires, bus tires, truck tires, etc. It can easily pull the bead out of the tire bead, which will greatly protect the crusher blade during the tire crushing process.

2. Tyre Cutting Machine
This equipment is specially used to cut the waste tire of the steel wire separated from the tire. It can cut all kinds of tyres, large and small, into rubber blocks, and in this way it can contribute to the crushing of subsequent equipment. The equipment mainly includes motor, mobile tool rest, tool rest, oil cylinder, liquid pressure system, control box, rack and rotating structure.

3. Tyre Shredder
Tyre shredders are slow or high speed primary shredders that are usually the first to see industrial machine waste materials. These are powerful devices that can cut and crush raw materials to manageable sizes. A typical biaxial shredder outputs 2″-6 “inch scrap pieces for use or further processing.

4. Tyre Rasper
The second machine in the scrap tire production line is the Rasper or secondary crusher. The station is the main force in the tire recovery process. These powerful devices cut rough-heeled tires into pieces less than an inch long, with no steel in them. Rubber fragments can be up to 99 percent pure and do not contain steel.

5. Tyre Granulator
The rubber granulator further reduces the rubber size and removes the remaining steel wire. The output rubber particle size is 1-6 mm. The particles are screened and recirculated until they reach the desired size. It can produce very uniform cut and high quality particles.

6. Rubber Miller
When you want to produce 30-120 mesh very fine rubber powder, the rubber mill is the last grinding process in the tire recycling line. It can work with a powder collection system for better results.

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