Tire Shredder Machine in the Philippines

Tire Shredding Machine For Sale

Harvest tire shredder machine is designed to pre-crush a variety of hard-to-shred scrap tires and reduce their size. They are used to produce rough 50-150mm rubber chips for TDF and civil engineering, or for further size reduction processes and removal of steel and fibers.

Based on our advanced technology and years of manufacturing experience in the tire recycling industry, Harvest Machinery has proven to be the most reliable supplier of tire shredders in China.

How does Tire Shredder Working?

The structure of the tire shredder mainly includes the feed hopper, motor, transmission system, crushing chamber, round mesh screen, rack and other components.

The motor drives the blades in the crushing chamber to rotate through the transmission system. Then the tires without bead wire are put into the feed hopper through the conveyor belt. Once the tires enter the crushing chamber, they are crushed by cutting and shredding. Qualified rubber is discharged from the circular screen for further processing. The larger diameter rubber is then returned to the crushing chamber to be crushed again until it is small enough to be discharged to the outside.

How to Choose a Tire Shredding Machine

When choosing a tire shredder, the first thing to look at is the model number, and your own requirements for output and equipment size. Then choose according to the user’s own needs. Model and output are the main factors, each manufacturer may not be the same directly, to choose according to the output. Secondly, the size of the crushed grains tells the manufacturer how big you want to crush the grains, which can be customized. The main thing is that you can meet the crushing effect of the equipment to be bought back.

Next, to choose a dual low-power motor-driven tire shredder. Because its main shredding object is rubber products, according to the characteristics of such products, with dual low-power motors is enough, without the power of too much product to complete the shredding work. Low power consumption products also represents a relatively low power consumption, which is also very helpful for cost savings.

Finally, you have to look at the price of the equipment. There are many models and manufacturers of tire crushing equipment on the market, and the price is characterized by high volatility. Therefore, in order to buy cost-effective equipment, users need to investigate the market price, personally go to the factory site to fully understand the equipment performance, quality, etc., so as to choose cost-effective tire crushing equipment.

Application of Waste Tire Derivatives

  • Sports ground paving: running tracks, school playgrounds, swimming pools around and garden lanes, bowling alleys, sidewalks, kindergarten playgrounds and recreation grounds, tennis and basketball courts.
  • Automotive industry: floor mats for belts and trains, brake disc ribbons, flooring for cars and trucks, brake brake bushings, seals, buffers, shock absorbers, underbody seals and stainless steel materials for cars, splash and mud, daily raw materials for shipping, tires and their tire liners.
  • Construction/Equipment: adhesives/sealants, hospitals, companies, bathroom flooring, insulation materials, carpet padding, livestock grass mats, extrusion products, waste brake surfaces, molded products, coatings, dams, warehouses, ponds, waste disposal stations, brick roof padding and coverings, raised pattern flooring, roof signs, sheeting, waterproofing materials, shockproofing, gaskets, waterproofing materials for roofs and walls.
  • Civil engineering/asphalt applications: drainage pipes, rubber-treated asphalt for road and driveway paving, filters, soil conditioning / road cover, porous wash pipe, horse racing tracks, railroad crossings, traffic / sidewalk barriers, railroad crack joint sealant road construction and maintenance marine.
  • Production of reuse rubber: for the production of various rubber products.

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