What are the uses of rubber powder?

What is Rubber Powder?

Rubber powder is the best product after waste tire recycling. The term powder specifies a size between 0.1 and 1 mm. The rubber powder produced and sold is completely clean, free of any iron or fiber, which is essential for making new items.

How is It Used?

The rubber powder recovered from waste solid tires has many uses, first in the manufacturing of industrial products. Major tire manufacturers use it for new tire compounds, and rubber powder is also used to make insulation panels, seals and shock plates. The end use is to mix with bitumen to obtain rubberized bitumen.

How to Make Rubber Powder

With the development of automobile industry and transportation industry in the world, a large number of discarded tires will be produced every year, which will lead to serious environmental problems. But on the other hand, waste tires are a potential recyclable resource, which can bring benefits to people if properly handled. Based on this idea, Harvest Machinery has developed a rubber powder production line designed to dispose of waste tyres and rubber in a green and profitable way.

At present, the recycling of waste tires has been very common. We can use different tire recycling equipment to convert waste tires into fuel oil, rubber particles, rubber powder, steel wire, carbon black, etc. So, how do we get rubber powder from used tires? The answer is the rubber powder production line.

In fact, the waste tires into rubber powder is not a complex process, we need to understand the basic composition of rubber powder machine. A complete set of rubber powder machine is mainly composed of wire drawing machine, tire cutting machine, tire shredding machine, coarse shredder, rubber grinding machine.

Wide Application of Rubber Powder

  • Rubber powder can be used as a raw material for some low-end products, including a variety of cushions, fenders, damping materials, etc., which require relatively low mechanical properties.
  • After cleaning, disinfecting and further processing, we can get rubber powder or rubber granules from waste rubber. Colored elastic floor tiles made of rubber powder are both functional and decorative, overcoming the shortcomings of rigid floor tiles. When used as a surface material on the playing field, rubber not only helps athletes to better perform their skills, but also minimizes injuries in sports.
  • Rubber powder can be used as one of the raw materials of waterproof rolling material, waterproof coating, waterproof sealing material, etc. The mixing performance of rubber powder with asphalt, resin and other raw materials is better. The waterproof material has good aging resistance, good mechanical properties, elasticity and stability.
  • Rubber powder can also be used for paving roads. Rubber powder contains antioxidants, which can significantly slow down the road aging process and reduce noise. The abrasion resistance, spalling resistance and abrasion resistance of rubber pavement are 2-3 times better than that of ordinary pavement.
  • Rubber powder mixed with asphalt, asphalt oil and flocculant can be used to make modified asphalt. Using modified asphalt to pave the road, its wear resistance and anti-spalling ability will be greatly improved, thus reducing the maintenance cost, shortening the braking distance by 25%, and greatly improving the safety. In addition, modified asphalt can also be used to make waterproof asphalt caulking putty, which can effectively improve the softening point and low temperature ductility.
  • By mixing plastic and rubber powder in a certain proportion, the modified plastic can be obtained directly by extrusion. The experimental results show that the applicability, mixing property and extrusion property of the modified plastics can be improved.
  • A certain proportion of rubber powder is added in the production of soles. Various soles can be obtained by direct mixing. The experiment shows that the physical properties of the sole are very close to those of the sole without rubber powder. And the cost of raw materials has come down. In addition, the technical parameters of the finished sole also meet international standards.

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