Machines for Tyre Recycling Business

As a professional manufacturer of tire recycling machine in China, Harvest has been the best choice for people in the tire recycling business. Our recycling plant not only meets the needs of our customers, but also has excellent quality. So, feel free to contact us to get the ideal project we design for you.

Tire Shredder Machine

We are one of top manufacturers of tire shredder machine in China. Our business covers the world and our products are sold to many countries. Rubber tire shredder is our hot sale product, it can handle shredding all kinds of waste tires. Get Price Now! Harvest Machinery provides customers with ...
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Tire Cutting Machine Price

Tire Cutting Machine

Tire cutting machine is a special device used to cut large steel tires, fiber tires, and various other used tires that the rims have been removed from the side walls. The tire cutting machine can cut all kinds of waste tires into rubber blocks of the required specifications to facilitate ...
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Tire Rasper

Tire rasper is specially designed for the second crushing of tires and the separation of steel wires. It can process and produce 10-30mm wire free fragments, the wire will be separated by the rasper and attracted by the magnet. The capacity of rasper varies from 300 kg to 6,000 kg ...
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Tire Granulator

Harvest rubber granulator is characterized by its performance, durability and reliability. For rubber crushing, please send us your own size granularity requirements and we will provide you with high performance machines to meet your precise size and production requirements. If you need a rubber granulator, please feel free to contact ...
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Tire Rubber Powder Miller

Rubber powder miller is designed to grind 1-6mm granules to 30-120 mesh fine rubber powder according to demand. Rubber powder is the final result of tire recycling. In this stage, the crushed rubber is ground into a clean powder, and almost all steel and fiber are removed. Rubber powder has ...
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Tyre recycling plant

Harvest Machinery is a specialist tyre recycling machine manufacturer in China. We can provide customers with a complete tire recycling system, including the best quality tire recycling equipment, the most economical used tire recycling plant business plan, reasonable price and comprehensive service, etc. Tire Recycling Plant For Sale Get Price ...
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Why choose Harvest Tire Recycling Machine

Extensive experience and professional team
Harvest Machinery has many years of experience in the design, manufacture, export and installation of tire recycling plants. We have several successful cases around the world. In addition, we have a professional team to constantly upgrade our products to save your time and money.

Unlimited business opportunities
Our scrap tire recycling plant uses used tires as raw material to reduce investment costs. The end product is in great demand in the market and can bring you high profits. In addition tire recycling is not only energy saving and environmental friendly, but also an emerging industry. That’s why more and more investors are placing great importance on tire recycling business.

Fully service
As an outstanding manufacturer of waste tire recycling plants, Harvest always provides the best pre and after-sales services to its customers, including on-site installation, training, testing, regular visits, warranty, etc. As a result, you can get a customized plan for your tire recycling business.

What is the use of scrap TYRE?

Tire derived fuel (TDF). TDF produces more heat than an equivalent weight of coal. Thus, TDF offers an attractive, cleaner alternative to coal for use in cement kilns, pulp and paper mills, and power company boilers. In 2017, the TDF market consumed 106 million used tires, more than 43 percent of the annual U.S. production of used tires.

Application of ground rubber. Ground rubber is produced by grinding old tires into small pieces of different sizes. Popular applications include rubber MATS, landscape mulches, rubber products and MATS, and rubber-modified asphalt. Ground rubber used 62 million used tyres in 2017, more than 25 percent of all used tyres produced.

Civil engineering. Shredded tires are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to sand or clay in road and landfill construction, landfill coverings, septic tank sites, and many construction jobs. In 2017, 19 million tires were used in civil engineering applications, about 7.9 percent of the total.

Other markets. Other opportunities for used tyres include power for electric arc furnaces, professionally designed tyre packages, and products that are perforated, pressed or pressed with used tyres. These activities account for an additional 7.4 per cent of production.