Tire Cutting Machine

Tire cutting machine is a special device used to cut large steel tires, fiber tires, and various other used tires that the rims have been removed from the side walls. The tire cutting machine can cut all kinds of waste tires into rubber blocks of the required specifications to facilitate the crushing of subsequent equipment. The main components of waste tire cutting machine include: motor, moving knife, fixed knife, cylinder, hydraulic system, control box, rack and rotating mechanism, etc.

Tire Cutting Machine Price


NameModelMotorDimensions mmWeight kg
OTR tire cutting machineTC-400022kw7200*4600*440032000kg
OTR tire cutting machineTC-280022 kw5000*3000*380015000 kg
OTR tire cutting machineTC-200018.5 kw3700*1500*35007500 kg
Normal truck tire cutting machineTC-12007.5 kw1850*700*17502500 kg

Characteristics of the tyre cutting machine

  • The tableware of the waste tire cutting machine is made of high quality materials, which has the advantages of large cutting knife, good cutting effect, fast cutting speed, low energy consumption, durable and long service life.
  • The tire cutting machine has the function of automatic reset after tire cutting, which is simple, convenient and safe to operate.
  • The hydraulic system has high pressure and low operating noise, and the equipment can be used continuously.

Applications of the used tyre cutting machine

Waste tire cutting machine can be used to cut all kinds of rubber block, rubber strip. Suitable for cutting all kinds of twill rubber tires, steel tires, rubber strips and other rubber materials. In addition, the machine has other important applications:

Tire cutting machine is also used as pretreatment equipment in tire pyrolysis plant, which can greatly improve the pyrolysis efficiency. We also have matching equipment for sale: tire shredder machine, tire crusher, etc.

Tire cutting equipment is also an important step in the tire recycling plant and rubber powder production line. It is an essential part of manufacturing rubber powder or rubber granules.