Tire Rasper

Tire rasper is specially designed for the second crushing of tires and the separation of steel wires. It can process and produce 10-30mm wire free fragments, the wire will be separated by the rasper and attracted by the magnet. The capacity of rasper varies from 300 kg to 6,000 kg per hour.


VoltageAs per requestAs per requestAs per requestAs per requestAs per requestAs per request
Cutting chamber697*1562742*1200550*1000550*800450*80045-*600
Equipment dimensions mm6217*2168*35612010*2562*41102095*2180*41051995*1980*41051720*1730*23161400*1200*2260
Hopper opening1726*877*9061412*902*14101182*700*1255982*700*1255922*580*916722*580*916
Equipment weight24000kg6100kg4200kg3500kg1850kg1700kg
Final product10-30mm10-30mm10-30mm10-30mm10-30mm10-30mm

Main Features of Tire Rasper

  • The rotors are manufactured and designed to minimize wear.
  • Easily replaceable blades and screens allow efficient maintenance of the machine.
  • Sieves of different sizes are available for flexible production.
  • The internal wear surface is made of replaceable wear-resisting lining plate, which can be easily replaced after wear. This unique feature of the rasper eliminates the need for any maintenance welding and allows the machine to run longer.

Tire Recycling Machine Manufacturer

Harvest Machinery has been in the tire shredding and recycling industry for more than 10 years.
Our company has advanced technology, experienced workforce and excellent innovative management system, aiming to manufacture safe, energy saving, stable and reliable shredder systems.

Our main focus is to provide our customers with cost-effective tire recycling systems, including TDS systems, Rubber mulch system, Rubber crumb system, Rubber powder system.

More Tire Recycling Plant for Sale

For recycling tyres, now we have four main type machines for four recycling lines for cutting tyres into chips of different sizes.

Line: Tyre Shredding Line
Output: 50-300 mm tyre chips
Main machine: Tire Shredder

Line: Rubber Mulch Line
Output: 10-30 mm
Main machines: Tire Shredder, Tyre Rasper

Line: Rubber Crumb Plant
Output: 1-6 mm
Main machines: Tire Shredder, Tyre Rasper, Tyre Granulator

Line: Rubber Powder Plant
Output: 30-120 mesh
Main machines: Tire Shredder, Tyre Rasper, Tyre Granulator, Tyre Powder Miller