Tire Rubber Powder Miller

Rubber powder miller is designed to grind 1-6mm granules to 30-120 mesh fine rubber powder according to demand. Rubber powder is the final result of tire recycling. In this stage, the crushed rubber is ground into a clean powder, and almost all steel and fiber are removed. Rubber powder has a wide range of uses, including injection molding products, paints, roofing materials and various asphalt applications.

The size of rubber powder is usually 40-74 microns (0.40-0.74mm). One advantage of this micron-sized material is that it can be incorporated into new or existing formulations of various polymers and finished products.


Motor SpecificationsElectric-Siemens
Voltageas per request
Equipment Dimensions L*W*H2404*1100*1093
Equipment Weight5000Kg
Final Product30-120 mesh

Features of Rubber Miller

  • Compact structure, low noise, easy maintenance.
  • Low power consumption and high productivity.
  • Horizontal overall structure, to ensure the installation accuracy of two grindstones.
  • Tungsten carbide grindstone has good impact resistance, wear resistance and elasticity.
  • The built-in circulating water cooling structure can effectively reduce the temperature of the grinding stone and avoid burning and bonding when crushing rubber.
  • Driven by variable frequency motor, the gap between the two grindstones can be adjusted.

Structure of Rubber Powder Milling

The rubber mill is composed of a rubber mill, a cyclone collecting structure and a whole electrical system. The main recovery machine, the rubber crusher includes the main motor, the stepless variable speed motor, the feeding and adjustable parts, and a pair of fixed and rotating grinding disks. The basic principle of an old tire recycling machine is that two grinders rotate in different directions, creating friction between them, and the force of this friction can be used to cut and grind material until it reaches the desired size. It uses air cooling and water cooling system to control the grinding temperature, to ensure the high quality of grinding materials, so as to meet the product requirements. The rubber mill has the advantages of compact structure, low noise, high output, low energy consumption and easy disassembly and assembly.

Uses of Rubber Powder

The rubber powder recovered from waste tires has many uses in the manufacture of industrial products. Major tire manufacturers use it in new tire compounds. In addition, rubber powder can also be used in the manufacture of insulation board, seals and shock – proof board. The end use is to mix with bitumen to obtain rubber asphalt.