Tire Shredder Machine

We are one of top manufacturers of tire shredder machine in China. Our business covers the world and our products are sold to many countries. Rubber tire shredder is our hot sale product, it can handle shredding all kinds of waste tires.

Harvest Machinery provides customers with tire shredding solutions to help you reduce rubber waste and increase economic efficiency. We offer a wide range of tire shredders with various capacities for you to choose, please feel free to contact us!


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Advantages of Tyre Shredding Machine

  • The tire shredder features high safety and security, durability, narrow structure, advanced process method, low energy consumption and high efficiency.
  • The open structure tire shredder is easy to maintain.
  • The tire shredder for sale is equipped with planetary gear reducer, which can ensure smooth and reliable operation, low noise and safety.
  • The blade of the knife is special carbide which is treated with high hardness and wear resistance. Wearable parts can be replaced quickly. It has the advantages of long service life, high efficiency and advanced technology.
  • The round mesh screen is a steel grating structure with a large drop area. It is convenient to sort the qualified recyclable rubber blocks. And, it can also avoid repeatedly crushing qualified rubber blocks.
Quality Blade for Tire Shredder

Operation Flow of the Tire Shredding Machine

  1. Before shredding, all tires are sent to wire drawing machine, which extracts all the steel wire from the tires.
  2. The tire shredder drives a hydraulic motor, which is then slowed down by planetary gears. A powerful cutting torque is then used to continuously cut, squeeze and roll the scrap tires or tire pieces at room temperature.
  3. Afterwards, the tires will be shredded and screening will begin. The qualified pieces will be removed and the larger pieces will be returned to the cutting room to receive another round of cuts with other materials.
  4. The process is repeated until all qualified tires are eliminated.
  5. Finally, you will get tire shreds with size of 50×50 mm. Since our tire shredder is a pre-processing machine for the tire recycling line, we usually use a belt conveyor to transfer the qualified tire chips to the next processing step.

Two Ways to Dispose of Used Tyres

First: Shredding to small pieces
Direct sales: Small pieces of tires processed by tire shredders can be sold on the market at a higher price.

So far, pyrolysis of tires into fuel oil has been an effective and harmless method. The reactor of a pyrolysis plant requires small pieces of rubber. Without cutting and de-steaming, the entire tire cannot enter the reactor. Therefore, sufficient pre-treatment work, such as removing steel wire and cutting the tire, is required prior to pyrolysis. With the Harvest tire shredder, you will get small pieces of rubber easily and efficiently.

Second: Grinding into powder
Rubber powder has a wide market space, it can be widely used in chemical, light industry, transportation, construction, plastic and rubber products. You can make a lot of money by investing in rubber powder production business. If you want to make rubber powder then you need to equip the project with rubber powder making plant, vibrating screen and other equipment.

How Can Shredded Tires be Recycled?

Sports field paving: running tracks, school sports fields, swimming pools and garden paths, sidewalks, bowling alleys, kindergarten sports and recreation fields, tennis and basketball courts, etc.

Automotive industry: strips, floor mats for trains, brake disc strips, floors for cars and trucks, brake linings, seals, buffers, shock absorbers, etc.

Construction/equipment: adhesives, sealants, medical equipment, insulating rubber materials, carpet liners, waste brake surfaces, molded products, etc.

Civil engineering/asphalt: drainage pipes, filters, soil conditioners, road coverings, racecourses, railroad crossings, etc.

Production of recycled rubber: used to produce various rubber products

Oil/gas industry: used for pyrolysis to produce fuel oil, carbon black and combustible gas.

Great Significance of Processing Tyre

Economic value: You can sell tire blocks directly on the market. Of course, you can sell fuel oil and rubber powder on the market. Rubber tire shredders play an important role in your tire recycling business. By investing in these projects, you will earn significant profits.

Environmental value: The earth produces a large number of scrap tires every year. It is a waste of resources if it is just burned or piled up, and it will pollute the environment. Tire shredder will cut tires into small pieces, and tons of tire pieces will have new practical and economic value, while ensuring less pollution.