How Much is a Tire Shredding Machine

Tire shredder is a kind of shredding equipment which is specially used for shredding waste tires. It is mainly used for diagonal and radial tires, and is now very widely used in the market. Tires are a rubber material is difficult to be shredded materials, for the general shredder is very difficult to shred, because, tires are soft, and the ability to recover from deformation is very strong, tough. The emergence of tire shredder is a good solution to this problem.

The general tire shredder will shred the tire material into 30-50mm pieces of rubber. Then it is convenient to reuse the tires after shredding for the next step. The unique structure of the shredder is the key to the tire shredder’s ability to perform tire shredding work. The interaction of the moving knife and fixed knife can fully shred the material.

Rubber Tyre Shredder Machine Cost

The Price of Tire Recycling Machine

The price of the tire recycling line is determined by the configuration of the machine, and the configuration of the machine is based on the input condition (tire size, input amount, steel wire fiber ratio, etc.) and output condition (lumpy rubber, rubber particles or rubber powder; The size of the output; the separation of the steel wire and the fiber; the dust removal and environmental protection function).

If the waste tires are only pre-treated, then a twin-shaft shredder is sufficient, also known as a tire shredder, which is relatively cheap at about $10,000-$20,000.

Usage of Tire Crusher Machine

  • Tire crusher is mainly used for crushing waste rubber and tire. It is suitable for removing mouth ring steel wire, crushing truck tire, automobile radial tire, rubber shoes and other waste rubber products in accordance with their feeding size.
  • The rubber tire crusher can also be used as part of the rubber recycling line for the production of rubber powder or rubber pellets.
  • Waste tire rubber crusher can be used as the pretreatment equipment of automatic continuous pyrolysis unit to process waste tire and waste rubber into fuel oil. The crusher can break the waste tire into 30-50mm rubber block, which can improve the pyrolysis efficiency.

How Does A Tire Shredder Work

Tire shredder adopts horizontal structure, integral base and independent bearings, which is very suitable for installation, debugging and maintenance.

The crushing of large waste rubber parts is carried out in the crushing chamber of the coarse crusher. Crushing is accomplished by a cutter mounted on two parallel shafts. The two shafts rotate relative to each other in a certain proportion, and the waste rubber is broken under the relative movement of the jaw plate. The crushed pieces of rubber landed on the rotating sieve. The sizing blocks fall onto the conveyor belt through the screen holes and are then sent out; Other rubber blocks that do not meet the standard are returned to the crushing chamber along with the sieve holes, and then are broken again. The cutter surface is specially treated, which has the advantages of high hardness, high stiffness and wear resistance. The transmission mode of the tire shredder: the motor decelerates through the pulley; Secondary deceleration of transmission device and reducer; And then you rotate the two principal spindles.

Features of Tire Shredding Machine

  • Compact structure, reasonable layout, smooth operation, low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy installation and maintenance.
  • This machine is equipped with two kinds of feeding devices for customers’ choice, large conveyor belt and small crane feeding. Customers can choose according to the area of the plant. The cutting edge is made of special hard alloy material and processed by special method. It has the advantages of long service life, high efficiency, advanced technology and easy replacement.
  • There are two options for discharging screens: traditional round screens and efficient axial star screens. Can be configured according to customer requirements.

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