Tyre Shredder Machine for Sale UK

If you want to recycle tires, especially car tires, you should cut them into small pieces first so that the later processing will be easier. I think you definitely need a tire shredder with high efficiency and low cost, which is an important pre-processing equipment in the recycling process of waste tires.

Tire shredder machine for sale

This series of tire shredder adopts microcomputer (PC) automatic control, with start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control function, with low speed, large torque, low noise and other characteristics, the bearing housing adopts the folio type, easy to disassemble and change the knife is suitable for shredding extra large, extra thick and difficult to shred materials.

Features of tyre shredder price

  • Heavy dynamic knife, high crushing efficiency, the knives are alloy steel casting, strong and long service life.
  • Frame plate is thick, can resist high torque, very strong.
  • Adopt microcomputer (PLC) automatic control, set start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reversing control function.
  • The equipment has the characteristics of low speed, large torque, low noise, and dust can reach the environmental protection standard.
  • Easy to adjust, low maintenance cost, economic and durable.
  • The thickness of the tool and the number of claws can be changed according to different materials

Working principle of tyre shredder

Back to charge waste tires through the feeding system into the shredding box body, the box body is loaded with shredding blades, tires through the shredding blade tearing, extrusion, shearing and other comprehensive action, shredded into small pieces of material, from the lower part of the box body discharge. Through shearing, tearing and extrusion to achieve the effect of reducing the size of the material, to facilitate future recycling.

Disposal of used tires

Production of rubber

Through chemical methods, the rubber of scrap tires is desulfurized to obtain rubber is the oldest method of comprehensive utilization of scrap tires. It is a reasonable, scientific and widely used way to treat scrap tires to make them recycled, and is adopted by countries all over the world.

Production of vulcanized rubber powder

The rubber powder production industry has great potential for development, as it is processed using purely physical methods, there is no waste gas and waste water pollution problem in production, and the resource utilization rate is high, which is recognized as the resourcefulness of scrap tires.

Used for paving roads

Scrap tires used for paving roads are called rubber asphalt. This new method of recycling scrap tires originated in countries in the 1960s – scrap tires are processed into rubber powder and added to asphalt as a modifier.

Solid Fuels

Scrap tires are a high calorific material, with a heat content per kilogram that is 69% higher than wood, 10% higher than bituminous coal, and 4% higher than coke. Scrap tires are crushed and then mixed with various combustible waste materials in the required proportion to formulate solid waste fuel (RDF) for blast furnace blowing instead of coal, oil and coke as fuel for burning cement or instead of coal and for thermal power generation. At the same time, the method also has a by-product – carbon black generation, after activation can be used again as reinforcing agent in the production of rubber products.

Oil refining from waste tires

Waste tire oil refining equipment converts waste tires into 45-52% cracked oil, 30%-35% carbon black and 10-15% steel wire through high temperature pyrolysis. These cracked oil can be used in heavy industries, like cement plants, glass plants, boiler plants, etc. The carbon black can be applied to cement plants, pressed into balls and sold.

Tire shredding processing technology

Tyre Recycling Plant for Sale

1. Twin-shaft shredder

The twin-shaft machine pre-processes the whole tire to rubber pieces of about 50-80mm in size.

2. Steel wire separator

Tire pieces are further processed to a size of less than 20mm by a serrated knife. In this step, 96% of the steel wire is separated from the tire.

3. Magnetic separator

Through the combination of hanging magnetic separator and magnetic roller magnetic separator, the magnetic metal removal rate reaches 99.7%.

4. High speed shredder

The tire rubber block can be processed to about 2-7mm particles, in which 99.6% of nylon and fiber are removed by dust collector. In order to increase the wear resistance of the equipment, HSP equipment in the crushing cavity, tool, screen to make further improvements to increase its service life.

5. Vibrating Screening Machine

The crushed material is divided into upper and lower sieves with 3mm aperture to ensure the purity of the latter sorting process.

6. Electrical control system

Strong breaking capacity, good stability, flexible electrical scheme, convenient combination, strong series, practicality, novel structure, etc.

Waste tyre recycling in the UK

Whole tires were banned from landfills around 2002. On the other hand, scrap tyres are banned from UK landfills as a result of the 2006 EU landfill Directive.

Since the initiative was introduced, the UK has developed to the point where almost 100% of used tyres are recovered and recycled in some form.

The government’s stated aim in the legislation is to make Britain a “zero waste economy”. In essence, this means reducing, reusing and recycling as much valuable resources as possible. This is necessary to help conserve resources, save money for businesses and families, and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

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