How to dispose old rubber tires?

Why do we need to recycle used tires?

Tires are not biodegradable. A tire can take hundreds or thousands of years to decompose. If you dump them illegally in nature, they release toxins that poison the environment.

Tires take up a lot of space in landfills. If we just throw tires in landfills, they fill up quickly and reduce our ability to dispose of normal waste. And tires can rise to the top of landfills, attracting insects and pests, which makes them a breeding ground for disease.

The correct way to dispose of used tires

1. Take your old tires to the tire shop
You should take your old tires to the local tire repair shop. In most cases, if you become a paying customer, they will receive your old tires for free.

If the store doesn’t keep your old tires, you may have to pay them for a recycling service. All in all, it’s best to let them get rid of your old tires, even if you have to pay extra. They may know how to dispose of them properly, or they may take them to a recycling center for you. That’s good because you won’t have to get rid of old tires on the road.

2. Contact your local waste management company
If you leave your old tires on the side of the road, the garbage truck won’t pick them up. That’s because tires are not allowed to go to landfills.

So, if you have no other choice, call your waste management company and ask if they can recycle your old tires. In any case, they can at least point you in the right direction.

3. Contact your local recycling center
If you live in a town or city that has a local recycling center, contact them and ask what kind of items they recycle.

Some recycling centers handle only certain types of materials. As a result, not all recycling centers accept used tires because of strict regulations on tire recycling.

4. Recycle old tires yourself
If you don’t want to sell or throw away your old tires, you can recycle them yourself. For example, if you like landscaping, you can cut up your old tires by tire recycling machine and make them into rubber mulch for soil insulation. Plus, rubber mulch is common on playgrounds. It is often used to soften the ground to protect children from injury if they fall.

What happens to recycled tires?

To recycle an old tire, the whole tire must first be taken apart. Rubber, steel, wire and fabric were removed. They are then reused or go through a separate recycling process. Recycled rubber is used to make things like building materials, playground equipment and sports tracks. The rest is used as fuel for various cement and pulp industries.

What are some creative things to do with old tires?

Old tires don’t have to be thrown away. Reusing old tires is one of the best ways to decorate your home, create something new, and keep the environment safe!

Some of the most popular things to do with old tires include:

  • Hanging it from a tree as a tire swing
  • Building a circular planter for your garden
  • Stacking them to make a table
  • Using them as exercise equipment
  • Making homemade flip flops from rubber
  • Building a tire wall around your yard

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