Application of rubber powder in road engineering

The processing of waste rubber products into rubber powder is the main way of waste rubber recycling, with waste tire rubber powder being the majority. The main components of tire rubber powder are natural rubber, synthetic rubber and carbon black, as well as a small amount of sulfur, iron oxide and other matching agents, which can be used as asphalt modifier in road engineering to improve the high temperature performance, anti-aging performance and fatigue resistance of road surfaces. Road projects, rubber powder is mainly used in rubber asphalt, rubber asphalt concrete and cement mortar modification and other occasions.

Rubber asphalt

Rubber asphalt can be used in road engineering for rubber asphalt waterproof binder layer, gravel sealer, pavement waterproof material and caulking material, etc. It can effectively improve the frost resistance, crack resistance and fatigue resistance of pavement, and stop the influence of moisture on asphalt pavement. In actual production, rubber powder can be shared directly with asphalt, or rubber powder with asphalt after surface modification treatment, or add aromatic additives to rubber powder and asphalt, or add a certain amount of natural rubber to rubber powder / asphalt.

Rubber asphalt concrete

Rubber asphalt concrete is a material prepared by mixing rubber powder, minerals and asphalt, mainly including low-noise rubber asphalt concrete and anti-cracking rubber asphalt concrete, mainly used for pavement noise reduction and old road renovation. In actual production, the addition of rubber powder can significantly increase the elasticity and damping of asphalt concrete, improve the pavement bearing capacity, crack resistance. In actual production, the use of high viscosity rubber asphalt can play a good noise reduction effect, in the asphalt concrete with the right amount of rubber powder can improve the crack resistance of the pavement while significantly thinning the asphalt surface layer.

Cement mortar modification

When the cement mortar is modified with rubber powder, the common method is to replace the ordinary aggregate with rubber powder according to the volume fraction of fine aggregate in the mortar. The preparation process of rubber powder modified cement mortar needs to fully consider the change law of density, compressive strength, water resistance, heat insulation and sound insulation of cement mortar after adding rubber powder. In general, the amount of rubber powder in modified cement mortar should not be too high. About the specific application techniques of rubber powder in cement mortar, I will discuss with you in detail later.

Road projects are one of the main battlefields of rubber powder recycling, and continuous research on the application skills of waste rubber powder in road projects can further expand the scope of application of rubber powder, which is of great significance to solve the problems of waste rubber and waste tires accumulating in large quantities, polluting the environment and improving economic efficiency.

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