Which industries can benefit from tire recycling?

Tires can be recycled to recover/produce 4 things:

  • Rubber crumbs
  • Steel
  • Carbon Black
  • Oil

Depending on the process you’ve chosen, you could get any 2 or 3 of these 4 outcomes. With this in mind, the industries that can benefit from recycling are those that are able to use these materials in their production.

Rubber crumbs: used to make turf, new rubber for many purposes. It can also be used in road construction to strengthen asphalt. Thus, companies entering the manufacturing of all types of turf, or rubber products, can be made from recycled rubber, from which road construction companies can benefit.

Steel: The recycled steel can be used by the steel industry as raw material to produce new steel.
This steel can then be used in any other industry that uses steel in its business. So the steel industry can benefit. Steel recovered from tyres is much cheaper to process and reconvert to new steel than the standard process, which uses iron ore as a base material.

Carbon black: Used to make pigments and dyes. It is also used in medicine. As a result, these types of companies can get cheaper black carbon.

Oil: Oil obtained through pyrolysis or thermocatalytic conversion can be used as an alternative fuel for oil furnaces, engines, boilers, etc. As a result, any company using industrial-grade petroleum could use the pyrolytic oil as a cheaper alternative fuel.

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