What is product make by recycle tyre?

Uses for Recycled Rubber

Rubber can be ground up into various size chips, crumbs, and powders, depending on the need. Here are a few popular uses:

Crumb rubber
Scrap rubber is a kind of rubber particles made from the grinding of old tires. Scrap rubber can be used as floor coverings under playground equipment and as surface material for track and field. It can also be used in the manufacture of rubber pads, plastics, asphalt, sealing materials, speed belts, etc.

Rubber powder
Rubber powder is a kind of high performance, low cost material, can replace petroleum and rubber base material. Rubber powder is a sustainable material that has no adverse effects on the human body. The market for rubber powder is growing. At the moment, powdered rubber can be used to make the same materials as clastic rubber: more rubber, plastics, sealants and other products.

Tyres consist of approximately 20% steel content. The best recycling facilities wash the extracted steel and make it as contaminant-free as possible. The steel is then sent to smelters, where it is processed and otherwise reused.

Fiber and Nylon

15% of a tire is made up of fiber and nylon. When extracted, this material can be used these products and more:

  • Tired-derived fuel
  • Cleanup material
  • Carpet
  • Fiberglass
  • Concrete
  • Stucco

Sidewalks, Playgrounds & Gardens

Fragments of rubber tires are used in pavements and bike paths, as well as in playgrounds.
It is also used as a substitute for wood mulch in gardens.

Burning Rubber
According to the EPA and USTMA, using tyre-derived fuels (TDF) is a viable alternative to using fossil fuels. TDF burns hotter (up to 25%) and cleaner than coal, resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions, for example. TDF is being used, often added to wood or coal, in cement kilns, paper mills and power company boilers.

Tire-Derived Aggregate

Tire-derived aggregate (TDA) refers to shredded scrap tires that can be used in a variety of public works or civil engineering projects. Some of these projects include:

  • Retaining wall backfill
  • Slope stabilization
  • Vibration migration
  • Landfill applications
  • Lightweight embankment fill
  • Road repair
  • Septic system draining fields
  • Subgrade road insulation

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